Thank you for the Overwhelming Response!!!!!

In less than 7 weeks since we started tracking visitors on our 2 month old blog, without any promotion, our blog has witnessed

  • Over 1,500 reads
  • Visitors from 53 countries
  • Visitors from every part of the world and ALL continents
  • Average daily 30 quality visitors (any visit less than 120 seconds does not count)

Furthermore, one of our blog comes 1st in Google search while searching with keywords like “RBI NRI changes” or “RBI important changes” or “NRI Changes RBI”. And, most of our blogs are on 1st Page of Google when searched using common words related to respective topics e.g. “RBI NRE NRO”, “FBAR reportable assets”, “NRO NRE CA Certificate”, “Understand FBAR”, “Required information FBAR”, “Revised Schedule VI training”, “NRI inward remittance tax”, “Tax drag”, and many more. This is Unbelievable!!!!!

On our NRI friend (Tejas) and resident friend (Taral)’s suggestions and support from all firm professionals (Naresh, Jigar, Chintan, Reecha, Palak), reluctantly but with sincere efforts; we created our blog on May 22, 2012. This was just on a trial basis as we were new to blogging and wanted to get the feeling. We uploaded our 2 old articles on the blog and experimenting with the same by constantly learning and trying new things with the blog. We did not promote our blog as it was in “beta” version and, now, we are very much surprised of the response.

We are sincerely thankful to all the visitors for your support and trust in our quality blog. We hope to continue providing value added information. We really appreciate your comments.

Thank You and keep visiting,
Naresh J Patel & Co,

About Jigar Patel, CFA (USA), MBA-Finance (USA), CPA (USA), CA (India)

Mr. Jigar specializes on NRI Investments and Taxation. He is proud to be one of only 21 CFA Charterholders in India working as consultants. (In 2011, when he became CFA Charterholder, out of 97,173 CFA Charterholders in the World, only 697 Charterholders were in India and only 3% work as consultant; Source: He received his MBA (Finance) from University of Illinois, Chicago, USA, CPA from USA and a Chartered Accountant from India. Jigar has over 15 years of professional experience including more than 4 years with KPMG USA’s Risk Advisory Services. Currently, he provides Wealth Management and taxation consulting serving clients from USA, UK, Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and India.
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One Response to Thank you for the Overwhelming Response!!!!!

  1. Pooja Johari says:

    hello Jigar,

    I am very excited for you. You had the openness to try this new concept and it worked. It worked because your blogs are very informative, very well written for the layman to understand and they cover hot topics that are on most small business owners minds. Well done and i’m happy to see your success.
    Pooja Johari

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