Treasury Management

Treasury Management is nothing but Corporate Wealth Management and it materially affects going concern of the company.

Treasury Management, in this day and age, has increasingly become strategically significant across all the areas of the business, and its importance cannot be ignored. A lot of time is being spent on Treasury functions without knowing them. Whether raising capital from owners or borrowing from banks or managing debtors for receipts or making payments or purchasing capital assets or managing surplus to generate income or hedging foreign exchange and other risks; all of these are Treasury functions. The more time is spent on these functions, the less time is there for core business activities i.e. growing the company.

We provide consulting on opportunities in exploiting Treasury functions to generate surplus cash or additional income that organizations never knew before.

Role of NJP:

  • Analyze Financial Market Capital, Foreign Exchange, Commodity, Interest Rate, etc.
  • Exploit Capital Structure to reduce average cost of borrowed funds and increase return on owned funds (ROE)
  • Arrange funding from banks, financial institutions, Private Equity or Venture Capital players
  • Design and implement Budgeting and MIS reporting system
  • Improve processes to increase efficiency, save cost or protect profitability
  • Take ownership of the entire accounting and finance functions allowing client to grow at much faster rate
  • Increase return on surplus funds and provide guidance for effective management of various financial risks