Debt & Equity Finance

Finance is the lifeblood and nerve center of a business. Businesses have to consider their finances for so many purposes, ranging from survival in bad times to bolstering the next success in good ones.


No business, whether big, medium or small can be started without an adequate amount of finance. Finance is needed to promote or establish the business. Even an existing concern may require further finance for making improvement or expanding the business. 


We provide Debt and Equity Financing solutions that includes but limited to Term Loan, Working Capital Loan, Equipment Finance, Bank Guarantee, Buyers Credit, Packing Credit, Structured Finance, Venture Capital, Private Equity, etc. in Indian and Foreign Currency.


Role of NJP:

  • Analyze company requirements
  • Evaluate various fund raising options
  • Recommend best solution to reduce Cost of funds and optimize Capital Structure
  • Liaison with Banks, Financial Institutions and/or Investors
  • Provide solutions for fund raising in Foreign Currency at lower cost
  • Liaison with Central and State Government for various subsidies